Talking mathematically

Talking mathematically

When I was coming to the end of my PhD, my future wife, suggested that I find a new hobby to occupy some of my spare time. I was fortunate to be approach by Speaker for Schools, who wanted me to go into Schools and give talks about mathematics. Gradually other organisations  asked me to do talks for them. On a whole this has been very good but there has been times where I have to be careful not to end up doing a talk every weekend and burning myself out. This year I believe I have the balance just about right. On a recent visit to Twyford High School (who asked me independently to give them a talk) I received this nice email after I gave my talk.

“Thank you! Your visit has got to be the best we’ve had in a very, very long time! The students were enthralled and have had some wonderful feedback..they were fulsome in praise, telling their Maths teachers all about it! As a teacher, I was once more learning so much from watching another…we can’t thank you enough..and thanks come from myself, the Maths Dept, and Head of Sixth….and not least our lovely students.”

I will end this blog by quoting one of my twitter friend @LaurenYvonneTX

“Your journey is meant to be shared so that others can be inspired and motivated to reach for the stars”

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