Black STEAM 2015

Black STEAM 2015

As a mathematician I never shy away from showing the value of mathematics to the general public.

However, it is rare for me to share the stage with other Black Scientist and Black Engineers.

Last Saturday, I took part in Black STEAM at the Mockingbird Theatre  Рthe Custard Factory.

STEAM – stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. The talks took the format of TedX .

Victoria Kasamba represented Art and Engineering

Charlie English  represented Engineering

Florence Okonye represented Technology

Moses Murandu represented Science

Yours truly represented Mathematics.

The quality, passionate and expertise of the other speakers was very inspiring. It was an honour to sit back and listen to them. If you hear of their names speaking at other events, I recommend you go and hear them speak.

As well as this, a big shout out to the organizers of Black STEAM. image

The event was well planned to a military precision, well attended  and executed with professional excellence.