Death of a Beautiful Mind Mathematician

Death of a Beautiful Mind Mathematician

Today one of my Mathematical heroes was sadly killed in a car crash. His life was depicted in the Academy Award winning film Beautiful Mind. So why should this be an interest to the general public?

1.John Nash received the 1994 Nobel Prize in Economics based on his 27 page PhD thesis he submitted 50 years earlier.

2.John Nash is one of the few mathematicians to win a Nobel Prize.

3.There is no Nobel Prize for Mathematics as it is rumoured that Alfred Nobel fiancée had an affair with a mathematician

4.John Nash won the prize for Game Theory – “The Nash Equilibrium” – Applications in Economics where no competitor benefits from changing their current strategies.

5.In 2014, an University in China showed there existed a “Nash Equilibrium” for the child’s game Rock-Paper-Scissors.

6.In 1959 John Nash was institutionalized and diagnosed as schizophrenic.

7.He believed that aliens had made him emperor of Antarctica.

8.He recovered to win the Nobel Prize in 1994

9.On 19th May 2015, he won the Abel Prize ( an international prize awarded every year by the Government of Norway to the most outstanding mathematician)

John Nash was one of the greatest 20th centuries mathematicians.