Diary of a Black Mathematical Modeller: 2021 the story so far..

Diary of a Black Mathematical Modeller: 2021 the story so far..

Hello 2021

Well like everybody around the world it was a strange Christmas holidays but I managed to recharge those batteries (just).

So far this year, I have been working hard on commercial projects, I have created a new version of the Black Heroes of Mathematics presentation, I delivered a virtual presentation at Wycombe Abbey School, I also gave evidence to an All Party Parliament Group on EDI in STEM and finally I have been planning the next Black Heroes of Mathematics Conference 2021! That right folks, we are doing another 2-day BHOM Conference and I have already started researching potential exciting speakers and panelists!

Before that in April, I will be delivering a keynote speech at the Mathematical Association’s Annual Conference. This is their 150th Anniversary and I was so humbled to be made Honorary member late last year. The theme will be ‘Building Mathematicians for the Future’. So as always, one busy mathematician!

In January, the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications sent out this message to its member via its newsletter

A message from our President

May I wish you a Happy New Year.
I’m sure that I do not need to say that 2020 was a challenging year for all of us, personally and professionally. For those who have lost loves ones, my deepest sympathy goes out to you. As mathematicians, last year our field has faced its greatest challenges in respect of increased public scrutiny. Nevertheless, we must continue to build and embrace a powerful mathematical identity! It is time for mathematicians to stand up and be counted. No matter what type of mathematician you are; be it academic or industry based, pure or applied, etc we have a duty to perform with technical excellence. We must never forget the importance of mathematical education and the next generation of mathematicians who will eventually replace us. Let’s us leave a strong legacy for them to build on.

Be safe

Dr Nira Chamberlain
President IMA

This message I can safely say is for all mathematicians, whether you are a member of the IMA or not.

Here to a better year!