Diary of a Black Mathematical Modeller: Back to the Maths.

Diary of a Black Mathematical Modeller: Back to the Maths.

Tuesday 2nd June 19:57

Today I got “Back to the Maths”.
1. I did a presentation on a new commercial mathematical model that went well.

2. Also, I had to think about designing a “Maths Inspiration” style of video.

3. An American scientists has got in touch with me with a view of researching why COVID19 is disproportionally high in the BAME community.

Point 1 – is confidential.

Point 2 – I thinking about designing a mixture of live demonstration and mathematical simulations of the Gambler’s Ruin Problem. The Gambler’s Ruin Problem has some interesting properties and shows the difference between a stochastic and deterministic approach. An interesting property is if two equal competitors, where all competing factors are equal – well when they compete – the game will never finish in a draw! I am thinking about recruiting my wife and step daughter to do a live demonstration. Watch the space – hopefully.

Point 3. The UK Government presented a report analysing the disproportional affect of COVID19 on the BAME community. They came up with no reasons and no solutions. I went on to the Minority in STEM twitter site and did a rally call! An American Scientist respond and we will be sharing some information with a view to see if there a collaboration possibility.

So today I went “Back to the Maths”, after all I am a mathematician.