Float like butterfly and Sting like a Mathematician!

Float like butterfly and Sting like a Mathematician!

Sadly my first childhood hero, Muhammad Ali sadly past a way. However it good to see the whole world celebrate his life as he impact us one way or another. Growing up in a Jamaican family during the 1970’s and 80’s, my Father was an absolute fan both of his boxing flair and skills and the words he use to say about racial injustice. One of the quote Muhammad Ali was

No matter what profession you wish to purse, you can be the greatest!

MaliNo one of the things that my Father use to say to me repeatedly until, I believe it was

You don’t need anybody’s permission to be a great mathematician!

In my formative years, I didn’t have any mathematical Black  heroes or role models to inspire me to head for the heady heights. But what I did have was passion, enthusiasm and an determination to pursue the dream of becoming a mathematician. For this, first and foremost I give glory to God for putting the appropriate non-mathematical role models in my life such as Muhammad Ali.

The Muhammad Ali influence inspiration is evident. In support of Cambridge University outreach project, Plus magazine, I did a Video interview called  Five minutes with Dr Chamberlain . Here I discuss how solving mathematical problems can be like fighting an invisible boxer! Thinking about it, it sounds like rope the dope.

In your honour your name Mr Ali, I hope continue to Float like butterfly and Sting like a Mathematician!

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