Mathematical Speech at Parliament

Mathematical Speech at Parliament

STEM for Britain is an annual poster competition, open to early career researchers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. The annual event is run by the House of Commons Parliamentary Scientific Committee .

On the 9th March 2020, I was invited to give a speech at Parliament for SET in Britain.

This is the speech I made to the Politicians, PhD STEM students , Professional Society representatives and the Ambassador of Vietnam

Distinguish guests, ladies and gentlemen. May I first congratulate all the students here today and the tremendous work you have done on your posters.

The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications is a professional learned society whose vision is to enhance a mathematical culture in the United Kingdom and elsewhere.

In light of this, I wish to make the following statement;

Mathematics is indisputably the greatest subject in the world!

Why, it is one of the few disciplines that can teach science to scientists, engineering to engineers, technology to technologists and I can go on. Mathematics is everywhere and is the life blood of any modern economy.
Furthermore, a mathematical professor and CEO of a tech start up once told me that;

Mathematics is at least 100 years ahead of most disciplines!

Is this true? Well in 1796 the French mathematician, Laplace, described mathematically the idea of massive stars from which no light could escape. Today, we now know this as a Black Hole. In 1939, Albert Einstein, publish an article in the journal Annals of Mathematics, in which he intended to prove that such Black Holes were impossible.
So, in conclusion, Albert Einstein was wrong and the 18th Century mathematician proved to be right!

Mathematicians in the room, in today modern data driven economy, we are entering the Era of Mathematics!

Who among you will be next Hannah Fry, the next Andrew Wiles, the next Kathrine Johnson or Ramanujan!

Even more importantly, make today be your first step not your last.

Finally, always let the world know that you are proud to be a mathematician!

Thank you.