October 2017!

October 2017!

What a month October 2017 was. Firstly, my wife and I celebrated our first anniversary of being married. I love you Jacqueline Rhule-Chamberlain!

Secondly, in my first year of been nominated, I made 5th place of the 2018 Powerlist. Hence, I have the current title 5th Most Influential Black Person in the UK. This was the first time a mathematician has made the list in the awards 11 years history.

Thirdly, the Reach Society awarded me the Victoria Mutual Champions Award.

Fourthly, October was declared by a number of Mathematical organisation as Black Mathematician Month. This was led by the excellent Chalkdust based at UCL.  It was an honour for my face to be put on the same banner as Elbert Cox (1st Black PhD Mathematician) and Katherine Johnson (Hidden Figures fame). My role for this project, was very much advisor identifying potential Black mathematicians to be interviewed. I also gave my  talk, The Black Heroes of Mathematics,  at the closing ceremony. Professor Tony Mann gave a nice blog about the month and the closing event.  It was great seeing contributions from mathematicians from USA, the Caribbean, Africa as well as the UK!

Last but not least, I have been doing Speakers for School for almost four years now. It is an activity I take very seriously and I will look to support this charity for the foreseeable future. However, it is always nice to get feedback now and again. I hope my “real world mathematics” talks are making a difference in the pupil lives. Here is the feedback I received from the latest school I talked at:

He made me like maths even more.

I liked the fact that it was interactive.

He made maths sound cool.

He made me see why we need maths.

He was cool.

Now I know the point of algebra, I am more enthusiastic to learn it.

Maths is more useful than I thought, He was very well presented and entertaining – kept me interested throughout.

He was motivational because he’s a normal person who is relatable but has achieved a lot. I

like the way he did the long multiplication thing – it was very helpful. I also like the way he got everyone involved.

He is very tenacious because his determination allowed him to follow his dreams.

Very motivational and inspirational – I wasn’t aware that being a mathematician was a job!

I like the way he proved his theories.

He was full of positivity. I found his speech really motivating.

I found it really interesting how he incorporated science and maths into his speech.

I found the speech interesting and funny at some points.

It showed me that mistakes aren’t something you should be ashamed of: maths is all about resilience.

I found Dr Chamberlain to be an amazing genius: he is fascinating… Dr Chamberlain was very enthusiastic and he was able to get the students involved.

He has a great personality and he knew how to get the students interested in his talk.

He’s the type of person that makes me want to do maths!

It was an excellent talk, especially at the start of the week.

I will forever, throughout my education, take his statements into consideration.

Wow, I am touched and honoured. I am not the only speaker from Speaker for School. There are others equally passionate about their field and would love to inspire pupils to dream and reach higher. If you are a school teacher reading this blog get in touch with Speakers for School and let see what they can do for you.

Roll on November!